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As an official odoo partner we are happy to provide state of the art ERP solutions to you.


odoo  the powerful business software

This powerful business software is exactly what a micro, small or medium business requires to set up its professional business and be able to scale.

In our 10 years experience with different ERP system - from market-leaders to cloud ERP systems - we have chosen to focus on odoo, since it combines complex business intelligence with user-friendliness and 2020ies standards.

Especially, for small and medium business we recommend this system.

odoo  the allrounder

Nowadays market situation with ERP systems puts you in a position to choose between hundreds of software solutions that seem to offer the same functionalities.

On the one hand, known cloud e-commerce platforms offer ERP solutions which are easy-to-use, but eventually very limited. On the other hand, traditional ERP market leaders offer complex solutions, but are out of time.

odoo is the right compromise. odoo offers state of the art solutions that are required by our digital era, classic powerful ERP functionalities while still being intuitive and without requiring exhaustive training to get started.

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As a business software, odoo provides various modules, that help you manage specific fields of your company efficiently.

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Manage your complete book keeping in one system.

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Start selling your products online right away.

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Inventory Management

Know your live inventory in multiple warehouses.

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HR Management

Recruite future and administer current employees.

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Purchase your products and communicate with your supplier.

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Sales Management

Manage your various sales channel effectively.

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Process extensive production processes and work flows.

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Build your own e-learning platform.

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Incorporate quality management in your company.

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Track time for your projects as well as internal working hours.

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Communicate efficiently with your customers and never loose track.

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Marketing Automation

Automise marketing processes according to your marketing campaign.

It is your choice - whether you start with the zero-risk community version or the powerful Enterprise version. Try it out today.

Your choice. Full flexibility.

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Community version

odoo offers a completely free of charge version, that is just enough for simple businesses with limited budget. It includes all basics for running a business. Contact us for more information and see our set-up offers.

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Enterprise version

The enterprise version includes all powerful modules that is the right choice to build a foundation for your long-term business and be able to scale for the years of growth. Get in touch with us and place your specific requirements.

Additional features adapted to the needs of your business

When your business requires specific functionality that is not offered in the standard modules, we customise the modules and/or create new ones. This way, the system adapts to your company's needs, helps you manage your business efficiently and grows with you.

We offer the module Point of Sale adapted to the legislation of various countries and a Shopify Connector  that connects Shopify to the ERP software.

Shopify Connector

Shopify <--> Odoo integration allows businesses to automate their business processes while keeping your Shopify store. With this connector you can manage various operations such as publishing products in Shopify and importing orders into Odoo. 

You will save a lot of time and effort by using this connector.

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Point of Sales module

POS <--> Odoo integration allows to use the powerful Point of Sales from Odoo while staying compliant with the legislation of the countries. 

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Customised module

Your activity requires specific features? Modules can be customised and created to adapt to your company's needs.

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Get your small business going now.