Small business

Why we can help develop your business.

Do you have a small business running?

Do you grow fast and face challenges as a result of your expansion?

We can help you improve the backbone of your business and focus on growth.

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You have a small business running

  • you have a web shop such as shopify running

  • you have different sales channels (eg. stationary dealers & e-commerce)

  • you use several work-arounds (eg. spread sheets, Word) to keep up with your orders, invoicing & bookkeeping

  • you have manual integrations with other providers eg. via .csv-files

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You grow and face challenges with:

  • handling various price lists, tax rates

  • forecasting your sales demand for your various sales channels

  • facing out-of-stock situations and struggling with managing inventory effectively for different sales channels

  • organizing your orders and fulfilling them on time 

  • invoicing and accounting

Image representing a business backbone

You want to improve the backbone of your business?

  • one system that can handle your business

  • manage live inventory and never oversell

  • automatically send invoices & register payments

  • optimize and automatize order fulfillment process

  • integrate with your shipping provider and tax consultant

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You want to scale your business & focus on growth?

  • set up & prepare your system, so you don't notice whether you process 10 or 1000 orders per day

  • add multiple languages and currencies to your web shop to reach your international audience

  • continuously improve and digitalize your work flow

  • optimize & automatize your processes

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Why a web shop alone won't solve your problems?

                  Why a web shop alone won't solve your problems?

                  A web shop is not a B2B platform.

                  If you have an end consumer business running, a simple web shop will most likely be enough to solve your problems. However, if you have a B2B business , such as an offline dealer network or if you want to provide a B2B platform to your dealers, there is a limited time you will survive with a standalone web shop.

                  Why is that?

                  Yes, third party providers offer apps, that can be connected to your shop, but every app is like a work around you build around your core to solve a problem. What seems to solve your problem on the short run, will complicate your operations very soon and become a big challenge on the long run.

                  Things that you will have to solve eventually:
                  1. How to manage different price lists for different dealer agreements with different tax rates, currencies and customized invoicing information.

                  2. Export documents for your international shipments such as commercial invoices or proforma invoice that must include specific information.

                  3. How to balance demand & supply effectively and make a good forecast for your different sales channels and avoid out-of-stock situations.

                  4. How to manage inventory and the availability of it for different channels.

                  5. Organize pre-orders for long lead-time products.

                  6. How to manage spare parts for different product releases and track them back chronologically.

                  7. How to barcode scan your goods in fulfillment and register serial numbers in connection with customer orders.

                  8. How to digitize production & assembling processes and have a quality management system running.

                  9. How to Manage employees and digitize your recruiting process.

                  10. How to efficiently fulfill orders according to the promised day and your priorities.

                  Start today and create your backbone for your future company.
                  These are only some of the challenges to face. You will have other requirements that are specific to your products and customers. We can help you identify the specific needs your company has and create a system and operations strategy that will be the backbone for your expansion. That way you can focus on your core competencies and scale your business.

                  Adapt your system and operations strategy to the needs of your business. 

                  Solutions we offer for small businesses

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                  ERP Consultation & Implementation

                  Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems permit to manage day-to-day business activities such as procurement, order management through multiple sales channels, project management, accounting, risk management and supply chain operations.

                  A suitable ERP-system helps to streamline your business and improves your collaborations.

                  Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

                  Operations & Supply Chain Solutions

                  In Supply Chain Management (SCM), we optimise operations activities such as purchasing, inventory & warehousing or order fulfilment, we use resources effectively and communicate with partners efficiently supported by intelligent IT.  

                  A suitable SCM-strategy to your business permits you to have a competitive advantage.

                  We can help you analyse your specific business requirements and create a taylor-made solution for you company.

                  Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

                  Additional features

                  As every business has its own requirements and history, additional features adapted to the needs of your business are important.

                  We offer additional interfaces and features such as web shop connectors and Point of Sales (POS) modules. 

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